NECA represent you in relations with labor, the public, local civic and industry groups, and government; ensures you get the most out of association services; improves local industry conditions.

Labor Relations

The Chapter coordinates the union agreement negotiations process. Efforts are made to promote conditions which will help members increase profitability and market share, while at the same time satisfying the needs of the skilled workforce. Members also sit on other policy setting committees such as the grievance (labor-management) committee, pension and health benefit funds, JACT or Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committees and LMCC's or Labor Management Cooperation Committees.

Codes & Standards:

Provides representation on National Electrical Code Committees; recommends changes to codes; reviews licensing and inspection regulations and recommends changes when necessary.

Apprenticeship & Training:

The Southern Tier Chapter promotes and assists in local apprenticeship and training programs through the JATC or Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committees.

Government Relations:

Represents contractors' interest before local, state and federal governments; informs legislators of industry's view and assists members with their problems with the government contracting agencies; provides effective legislative information and action for the entire industry.


NECA management education programs meet the needs of electrical contractors who want to remain profitable in a most competitive business. They're based on solid research and delivered professionally in the most cost-effective manner.


The NECA Manual of Labor Units provides the most reliable labor units available for NECA members to estimate labor costs accurately.


Safety is also a prime concern for NECA. It's through Technical and Trained Services that NECA maintains a liaison relationship with the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, provides testimony and comment on the development of OSHA Safety and Health standards as well as on the administration of OSHA law, and generally informs NECA members of developments and safety practices in the industry. NECA also helps develop the National Electrical Safety Code, concerning outside construction.